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Craft Beer Too Hoppy? – Slate Magazine

May 21, 2013

Here’s an interesting article bemoaning the hop craze.  It strikes a cord with me as i often find myself trying to persuade people to broaden their horizons bey0nd American Light Lager.  This issue does get in the way.

via Hoppy beer is awful—or at least, its bitterness is ruining craft beer’s reputation. – Slate Magazine.

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  1. Duane permalink
    January 17, 2015 8:16 pm

    When I met my future wife, over 20 yrs. ago, she refused to drink BEER. She said it smelled awful . . . (image of me with hands clapped over ears) and tasted worse. I have always maintained she had never had good BEER. Bad college experiences I think. College = little to no money = bad BEER. She regularly refused to try anything I was drinking, even just a sip.

    Well, we were in New York City in 2010 during Thanksgiving and were eating in a Brazilian restaurant. I had ordered a Xingu. That’s a delicious dark BEER from Brazil. I again offered her a sip, which she did. She said, “That’s gooood!”. I almost fell off my chair! She has since changed her mind about BEER and will drink dark BEERs. Leute Bokbier, Hob Goblin and other big bodied BEERs are her favorites and has expanded her tastes to wheats. The one thing she is adamant on, is no hoppy BEERs. She does not like a lot of hops.

    Since I started brewing at home in 2012, she has liked maybe half of what I have made, which makes me very happy. I don’t mind a hoppy BEER, but I don’t like the ones that are overkill on the hops.

    So I think there may be something to this article, especially for those who refuse to enter the wonderful world of BEER.


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