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Theology Matters!

May 24, 2012

This video is a great quick look at why theology is so important.

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  1. June 19, 2012 6:42 pm

    But theology is untestable, so you’ll never know if your theology is wrong. And given the fact that there are so many theologies out there, it is statistically very probable that you will be wrong. That is, assuming theology is as important as this video insists. If you want to say different theologies only differ on trivial matters, and that they mostly agree on the important matters, than that seems to mean to me that theology isn’t really that important.

    I am atheist who majored in religious studies, by the way. I was brought here for your excellent beer glossary.

  2. philippians1v21 permalink*
    June 22, 2012 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the comment. Welcome. I’m glad the beer glossary was of use. Do you brew?

    I must confess to being very perplexed by what you have said. You seem to be replete with contradictions. You are an atheist who majored in religious studies? If you are really so sure there is no God, then why spend 4 years of your life studying about him? You seem to be the living contradiction to your own comment. If Theology (the study of God) is a waste of time, then why did you consider it worth your time to study? Indeed, you not only studied it, it was your major, your focus. Obviously you do consider studying about God to be worthwhile, despite what you say in your comment above.

    You seem to be saying there is no way to know for sure if your theology is correct, so why bother with it at all. However, I am sure that you do not apply this way of thinking to any other subject that you can’t validate by test. For example, what about philosophy, ethics or politics? How do we decide what’s right and what’s wrong? How do we know the things we know? What is the best way to govern a country? These questions are hard to escape. We can ignore politics, but politics doesn’t ignore us. We have to decide what is right to do. We claim to know certain things. I once say a bumper sticker that said “Sleep in on Sunday and Save Ten Percent.” Should we do that, or do we live in accordance with the teachings of a religion? Do we follow one of the world’s established religions, or do we live our lives without religious considerations? Not to decide, is to decide. Our actions speak for us, even when our words do not. You must make decisions about these things. Therefore you do have a philosophy whether you think it is a waste of time to develop one or not.

    If I was going to apply your premise to, say politics for example, I could say something like this: “Since there is no way to know for sure if this candidate will really be better than the other one, why should I waste my time researching their positions or even vote?” Decisions like this are never “testable” because we don’t have the luxury of knowing how it would have gone if we had elected the other guy. However, few people would argue that these issues are not important or that we should try to make the best educated decisions we can about them. Even if we can’t predict the future, much can be learned about candidates from researching.

    The same is true about theology. Just because we cannot know all there is no know about God doesn’t mean we can’t know anything, and it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying to know as much as we can. Much about God is plain to see just from creation alone. If there is really a God that created the universe according to His design and plan, then it follows that He is VERY big and powerful. A God that can create everything from nothing is infinitely powerful. His power and control is evident in everything that exists. His control is total and He is sovereign over all of it. If He indeed created intelligent life on the earth, it follows that we were created for a purpose. If He has revealed Himself to us (which He has or we would know nothing of Him) then it follows that He desires us to know Him, to have a relationship of some kind with Him. If God created us to know Him it seems obvious that He would provide us a way to know Him.

    Right there you can see that from simple observation of creation one can learn a lot about God. That’s theology. It’s the beginning of my theology. It may not be yours (I’m sure it isn’t because you are an atheist) but you have one, none-the-less. The important question to answer is which theology makes the most sense? Which has the greatest likelihood of being correct? In order to answer these questions, one must study theologies. Therefore theology is important. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life isn’t worth living!”

    What we think about these things does matter. Our ideas have legs, as I once heard it said. You do not have a choice as to whether you will have a theology. You do. As C.S. Lewis once said, “The opposite of good theology is not no theology; it’s bad theology”.

    The next question that may be asked is why do I feel my theology (the Christian theology) is the best theology? Why do I believe it makes the most logical sense and has the most likelihood of being correct? I have spent a good bit of time writing about these questions on this blog. I feel that the Christian faith clearly presents the most reasonable and logical set of theological beliefs. You could read about my answers to these questions here:

    Thanks again for the comment. I encourage you to stick around and read some of the other posts from this category. I think they might be of interest to you:

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