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What is Christmas Really About?

December 21, 2011

Why do people celebrate this holiday so much?  What is the real significance of that cute baby in the manger of all those idealized nativity scenes?  What exactly happened that night and what was so special about this baby?

Here is why this is the most amazing, glorious, and wonderful event in all of human history.  Jesus was Immanuel, that is, “God with us”.  That is perhaps the most profound statement in the history of the world.  God with us.  Why is that so profound?

  • The God who is so enormous that the entire universe cannot contain Him chose to become so small that He could be held in arms.
  • The God who is so powerful He can divide a sea with His word gave up His power to become so week He couldn’t lift His own head.
  • The God who has no weakness chose to get the flu, fall and skin his knees, have runny noses, and have to have his diaper changed by man.
  • The God who knows how many grains of sand are on all the seashores in the world became so simple He couldn’t even form words and had to be taught how to tie his sandals.
  • The God who holds the stars and planets in His hands became a child held in a young girl’s hands.
  • The God who wrote the Scriptures came having to study and learn them just like us.
  • The God who needs nothing from anyone and is fully complete within Himself became so dependent that He needed to be fed by the breast of a woman.
  • The God is owns everything in existence chose to belong to a family whose only possession was a donkey.
  • The God who has all authority over every living thing chose to submit himself to the authority of a young carpenter and his teenage wife.
  • The God who created the sun became a child who would be burned by it.
  • The God who sits enthroned in indescribable splendor exchanged His throne for a feeding trough filled with straw.
  • The God who was there when every event of history took place chose to have to study and be taught about them by man.
  • The God who invites all people to come to Him with open arms chose to come to a people with no room for Him in their hearts or their inns.
  • The God who reigns over all creation laid aside his crown of many diadems and took up a brutal crown of thorns.
  • The God who had never experienced the weight of guilt from a single sin chose to bare the weight of the sin of the entire world.
  • The God, who had never experienced weakness, exhaustion, sickness, or pain, chose to be bruised for your iniquities, crushed for your transgressions, and marred beyond all recognition to pay your punishment.
  • The God, who rightfully could have come to bring judgment upon every person on the planet, instead came to take the judgment Himself and make a way for them to have peace with God.
  • That God clothed Himself in your frailty, weakness, and sin and allowed you to clothe yourself with His strength, power, and righteousness.

If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.  My words fail me.  I am unable to describe or even comprehend the depth of this magnificent truth.  I hope that if you will spend time this Christmas thinking about the first Christmas gift, God giving Himself, and realize that this is the greatest and most profound gift ever given.

There is no religion on earth that teaches that their God came to be one of us and to right our wrongs by his sacrifice.  Only Jesus did this.  Only a perfect God could right wrongs against a perfect God.  Flawed, sinful man and NEVER make up for our sin.  You will never succeed in being good enough to deserve heaven.  Stop trying.  You don’t have to.  Jesus already did it for you.  Will you accept His gift to you this Christmas?

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  1. -incomplete assignment- permalink
    April 14, 2012 11:08 pm

    Did not help at all. Did not answer the question about christmas.

    • philippians1v21 permalink*
      April 17, 2012 9:50 pm

      This post was addressing what Christmas is about. It is about God coming to earth. That IS what it is about. Is there a specific question about Christmas you would like answered? Let me know and I will do my best. But, if you want to know the meaning behind Christmas, you have the answer right here.

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