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2012 Brewing Schedule

October 12, 2011

I didn’t do near as much brewing this past year as I would have liked.  I think a large part of that was due to lack of planning ahead.  So, I decided to get ahead of the curve and plan all the beers I intend to brew this upcoming year.  Here are the beers that I’ll brew in 2012.  I plan on posting all of the recipes and brewing notes for each of these beers as I brew them.

Beer Type Brew Date Date Ready
Cherry Stout Extract 19-Nov-11 17-Dec-11
New Belgium 1554 Clone All Grain 7-Jan-12 3-Feb-12
Altbier All Grain 21-Jan-12 3-Mar-12
Apricot Ale Extract 3-Mar-12 31-Mar-12
Gluten Free Beer All Grain 3-Apr-12 2-May-12
Honey Nut Brown Ale All Grain 5-May-12 2-Jun-12
Raspberry Wheat Ale All Grain 9-Jun-12 7-Jul-12
Sweet Mead Extract 14-Jun-12 4-Aug-12
Oktoberfest Lager Extract 24-May-12 22-Sep-12
Hoptober All Grain 29-Sep-12 27-Oct-12
Kristin’s Choc Coffee Porter All Grain 17-Nov-12 15-Dec-12
Barleywine All Grain 4-Aug-12 4-Feb-13
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