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First Home Brew Club Meeting

April 29, 2010

Kristin and I met a wonderful gentleman in Leavenworth a couple a weeks ago (John) at the “Leavenworth Ale Fest”.  He invited us to join their home brewing club, “The Stilly Mashers”.  We attended our first meeting last night.  This meeting was at the Skookum brewery.  The owner of the brewery is in the club.  They get the name “Stilly Mashers” because they are on the Stillaguamish River.

We had a great time and I learned a lot.  I am looking forward to getting to know those people better and learning a ton from them. I will post some of what I learned in this meeting later.

They have some awesome events coming up.  One that I’m particularly excited about is that Ron (the owner of Skookum brewery ) is allowing our club to brew a beer to help raise money for one of his friends (Cathy) who recently lost an arm in a tragic accident.  A bunch of us pitched in $50 each and we raised $600.

On May 16 we are meeting together to brew her beer (we are going to call it “Cat’s Paw”) on the Skookum brewing equipment.  This is the equipment you can see in the background of the picture above.  It’s professional brewing equipment.  I am excited for the opportunity to be part of this and to get a chance to watch a professional beer get created from start to finish.  we are going to through the whole process, from creating the recipe, to brewing it, to registering the name, to releasing it.  Ron will sell it at his brewery.  Can’t wait.

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